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Choosing Your Dress

Choosing Your Wedding Dress is the Most Important Decision a Bride has to Make


The beautiful white dress is the centerpiece around which the whole, and long-awaited, little girl dream ceremony will take place.

(Photo: Gaby Saliba Couture 2017 Collection)


By her dress (among others things), the bride will dazzle her guests and her beloved. This big decision might be less strenuous and even enjoyable by following these tips.


Make early appointments

The fitting of the dress must be done in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. If you arrive early, the showroom will be less crowded and all attention will be focused on you. The person responsible will be in a good mood, and very patient. You do not want to be in the presence of a tired and irritated saleswoman who had to endure the clients’ complaints and contingencies throughout the day.


Choose the dress according to your silhouette

Before you say "I want a beaded corset, a long train and lace everywhere!" First decide on the shape of the dress that will fit best your body. There are models for all silhouettes; whether large or small, thin or round… the reponsible should be able to advise you and show you only the dresses that suit you. The essential thing is to feel good in a dress that perfectly embraces your silhouette. The overall appearance is very important; once the base model is chosen, you can now focus on the details: fabrics, materials, color…


The perfect corset

The top of your dress is the part that will be most photographed by professional photographers and guests! The corset must fit your shapes without too much tightening to avoid less flattering skin folds. In the shape of a heart, embroidered with pearls or adorned with crystals, the top of your dress must meet your expectations and must go with the chosen accessories.


The timeless dress

Reviewing photo albums, after 10 years of marriage, remains an emotional and nostalgic moment. Your portraits and dress will always be your pride. To avoid the inevitable “but why did I choose this dress?” do not follow fashion trends blindly. You must feel beautiful and comfortable in a dress that is both modern and traditional... recipe for a magical timeless dress the D-Day and 10 years later!


Bring your camera during fitting

If it’s allowed, take several shots with the different dresses you try, from all angles, to get a more general idea of ​​their effects in photos. Better not to totally trust mirrors and the jovial atmosphere in the showrooms, to make this important decision.


The right number of dresses to try

It is very important not to try too many dresses or to try very little; you must strike a balance. Sometimes, some dresses not so attractive hung on their hangers, can turn out to be sublime. On the other hand, trying an infinity of dresses and visiting dozens of shops can bring more doubt and confusion, which will not be welcome in this time of stress and preparations.


Being well surrounded

Do not make your appointment of wedding dresses a social event where all your family and girlfriends are present. Their mixed opinions about choices will add new uncertainties to your uncertainties and you will need much longer time to decide. You can end up buying nothing so as not to hurt your surroundings because you cannot please everyone.


Wearing dreamy underwear

You will spend a lot of your time in your underwear, so it would be essential to have some very beautiful ones in the ultimate goal of feeling beautiful and desirable. In addition, if they are well adapted and perfectly fit your voluptuous shapes, this will bring out the beauty of the dress and will facilitate your final choice.


The size of the dress

Do not pay attention to the numbers and letters on the labels, they are sometimes misleading. Dresses usually make a few sizes more or less than your usual size, do not panic! Focus only on the effect produced once worn! the details will then be adjusted so that the dress corresponds perfectly.


The dress before the accessories

Before you rush on buying accessories, it is essential to have “The” dress. The accessories are smaller, cheaper, more fun and easy to buy. But once the centerpiece is in your possession, you will find that not all items go together. To avoid weighing down the lightness of the dress and not to find yourself with a multitude of accessories in your drawers, first find your dress!


Ask all important questions

Do not hesitate to ask the team that helps you, and especially you, all the questions that concern you. “Can I dance with this dress? Sit down? Going up large steps? Breath?” The goal is not only to wear a sublime gown but also to be comfortable with.


Having these tips in mind, you are finally ready to look for the dress that will turn the head of your future husband!