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For a Perfect Silhouette…

Some Good Food Practices


Good food practices are not to be underestimated. They are capable not only of maintaining a stable normal weight, and guaranteeing the proper functioning of the body, but above all they will help to reduce the stress and fatigue that overwhelm the final sprint...


D-Day is coming, the lifestyle of future spouses is accelerating... between preparations and countdown, lunches are undoubtedly unstructured. Eating balanced is sometimes an adventure in the unknown. Tastes vary, prohibitions multiply and desire is at the rendezvous. Besides, losing some weight must not be long and painful, and keeping a beautiful figure shouldn’t be laborious.


No to sedentary lifestyle

With the wedding day approaching, the tendency to diet is misplaced. The effect of overweight on productivity, the well-being of future spouses and their states of mind is obvious. Time is running out and the dress you chose a month ago no longer holds. Say no to sedentary life. Walking is suitable for everyone; however, the recommended sport activity depends on the amount of fat and muscle mass. It should be a successful combination of sport and healthy eating.


Beware of cellulite!

Apart from the hormonal causes that promote its appearance, cellulite results from a storage of fat and water retention all around. This process is due to the slowing of the blood circulation, leading to a stagnation of metabolic waste. Cellulite appears on the soft and fleshy parts of the thighs, but also on the stomach and arms. Getting rid of it depends on the quality of the skin, the type of fat and its distribution.


Splendor on the way

The glow of the skin is essential for the future bride to appear radiant. For this, diet is particularly important, not only to have a dream of a silhouette but also a dream of a skin. A disturbed sleep and an unhealthy diet mean a bad look on D-day. The result of a proper diet on the skin is very obvious. Very fatty food, mayonnaise, fried foods, chocolate... promote the appearance of more small buttons on oily skin. Consuming as much as possible fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, nuts, almonds and fish, rich in Omega 3 is recommended.


Health says water

Varying the diet is the way to bring the necessary elements to the proper functioning of the body, but watch out for abuses and little whims! Cigarettes deteriorate the blood circulation and prevent the arrival of oxygen to the tissues. Drinking alcohol that belongs to the category of fast sugars, makes the body stores it in the form of fats. Drinking water galore is the golden rule for a better well-being on your day.