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Bust Beauty

Your Feminine Seduction Asset


The D-Day is approaching, the décolleté of your dress being too accentuated, here are some simple but essential tips for sporting a superb bust. 


The feminine bust beauty is often the less cared of part of your body. However, the skin of your breast deserves, as well as that of your face, the best in care!


To do

◗ Keep your posture as straight as you can. This is excellent for your back and this posture highlights your chest.

◗ Bring a comfortable bra. It must hold your breasts without crushing them.

◗ Swim on your back two to three times a week, to develop the back muscles that support your chest and make them more harmonious.

◗ Sprinkle your breasts with cold or fresh water at least once a day to stimulate blood circulation and make the skin firmer and more toned.

◗ Use your cream neckline with a high degree of sun protection, at least SPF15. Even in the city, the UVA (the most harmful invisible rays) are dangerous.

◗ Sleep on your back to avoid squeezing your chest.

◗ Practice aquagym: it is the ideal sport to straighten the back and reshape the pectorals.

◗ Extend the application of your wrinkle cream on the neck and décolleté to delay the wrinkled effect.

◗ Eat balanced: eat a daily protein diet (meat, egg, fish, cereals) to maintain skin firmness.


To avoid

◗ Carying heavy loads with your arms. At each step you crush your chest.

◗ Practicing violent sports (aerobics, team sports with a ball etc.) and make brutal movements: the chest is made up of very fragile fabrics that can easily "break".

◗ Jogging without wearing a bra, especially if your chest is generous. If you are a fan of running, practice it regularly, treat yourself to a bra "Special sport", designed to hold the chest properly.

◗ Taking prolonged hot baths often. It is the number one enemy of skin tone. When you do, try to keep the breasts out of the water, and do not forget to finish by passing them over a jet of fresh water.

◗ Losing or gain weight too frequently. The yo-yo effect is catastrophic for tissue elasticity.

◗ Tanning "topless"; even with a protective cream with a very high degree of protection. If you are an unconditional of tanned breasts, expose before 11am and after 16h or take advantage of self-tanning solutions.

◗ Proceeding with excessively violent massages.

◗ Putting a pillow too big: it is bad for the back and consequently for the chest.

◗ Wearing tight clothing (stretch tee-shirt etc.) that flatten the breasts.

◗ Putting cotton in bra. Dry cotton fiber can be irritating if rubbed with the skin. Prefer the silicone padding or fabrics sold in the lingerie shops.