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The Groom Elegance!



The Costume of the Groom Must be Impeccable


Your future spouse will also be the focus of many guests. Costume, shirt and accessories chosen, are guarantees of his elegance... But if you know that shopping is not usually a part of your future spouse's hobbies, it is better to read with him these few lines!


Once upon a time

The sacred character of the wedding rites celebrated throughout the world demands a style sought after in the choice of the wedding outfits. This is the case for the populations of the Trobriand Islands and the Ukrainian farming families. Also true in China where, per example, the bride often wears a bright red or crimson dress, as red is the color of luck. The groom can wear different colors, but his silk jacket is usually dark blue. A large symbol is embroidered in the fabric of the jacket. It reads the word “shou”, which means “long life”. The groom's costume is accompanied by a small satin hat and matching slippers.


Tradition and modernity

In the purest tradition, the jacket has, for many years, dethroned the black coat, also called "frac". This anthracite-gray jacket is worn with a lighter waistcoat and striped pants with two shades of gray. In this case, witnesses and fathers of the bride and groom may also wear one. The groom will be distinguished by the color of his lavaliere and his pochette, while the other guests of the masculine gender will display the same color. With the jacket, the groom usually wears black lace-up shoes. With a tuxedo, he can wear the same shoes that must be shined on the morning of the wedding, or varnished shoes, always accompanied by black silk socks. In no case shall he wear moccasins.


The costume of our days

Today, the costume has taken over. It is an elegant and chic outfit that can be worn after the wedding. The shapes are longer and there is a real fashion phenomenon in the cuts and colors. However, if the majority of married couples present themselves to the arms of their future wives in gray, black or ecru costume, it is truly the waistcoat and its accessories, which make the habit of the celebration.

The waistcoat is not usually worn after the wedding. For this great day, almost everything is allowed. Tones in contrast to the costume, ranging from bright red to light yellow... A rainbow of colors that will enhance the classicism of the costume, while not swearing at the bride's side. In the case of a colored or embroidered dress, a coordinated vest is always fashionable. The essential complement will remain the matching lavaliere, or in a coordinated uniform with the jacket and enhanced with a pouch, the whole in silk if possible. Time is running out and your concerns are many, but remember to give the groom's bet almost the same attention as yours. Think then to accompany your future spouse to choose his costume, if not, insist that he entrust this task to a specialist. In this way, you will have a worry less the day before your wedding.


It is truly the waistcoat and its accessories that make the habit of the party!

The tuxedo exists in three shapes: straight, crossed, three buttons and two finishes: shawl collar or tailor collar. The shirt will be white, in general. However, with a cream suit, it can be brown, blue or blend (cream or white always). The blue also has the odds with an anthracite or black gray suit. The socks will be very comfortable in thread, matching the costume and not the tie. Avoid materials that cause sweating: the day may be very long. The flowers of the groom's buttonhole are usually chosen from those of the bride's bouquet. One can stick there affectionate words that only the groom will notice.