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Well, It All Began In a Small room

Fashion Designer Ali Younes MEV Exclusive Interview.


His passion for art and fashion has made him one of the very wonderful lebanese fashion designers. Mariage En Vue has met, in a very special and exclusive interview, the famous designer Ali Younes.


Where did Ali Younes passion for fashion and the creation come from?

Well, it all began in a small room at my Grandma’s house where she used to be a well known seamstress, I have always accompanied my mom whom she used to help her mother as well in sewing- to that room and I was bedazzled by the glittery fabrics and the magical pieces created.


How do you describe Ali Younes style?

It’s lavishly decorated yet not overdone! it’s classy, sharp and glamorous. I love embellishments and voluminous silhouettes but I always keep in mind the importance to show the feminine details in every woman.


What are the designer’s inspirations in fashion?

Everything around inspires me. Music, movies, people, countries...


Tell us more about your new collection? Trends, colors, fabrics…

The collection was themed ‘La Foret Mystique’ it’s about a lady who got lost in the enchanted forest .

The collection was lavish in details and embroidery, colors were Khaki, Burgundy, Black and Midnight Blue. Fabrics were mainly tulle, dentelle, velour and fur.


To what kind of women your collection is aimed for?

A mysterious and irresistible one, a woman who makes you wonder!


How do you perceive the ideal dress of a bride-to-be?

Well, it all starts by meeting the bride, studying her personality and character, her body and figure, her skin tone and it’s very helpful to let the bride try several styles and cuts before designing her wedding dress and take a final decision.


What are the fabrics with which Ali Younes likes to work to create a wedding dress?

It depends on the style. Some are tulle and lace, some are organza, taffeta or duchesse.


What do the accessories bring to the wedding dress?

Sometimes it ruins the look. Most of wedding dresses are heavily embroidered and embellished with crystals, which I avoid to add any accessories especially at neckline. Some are simple and a choker or an oversized pendant would be a complement.


What are the future plans of Ali Younes fashion house?

We are opening our RTW Boutique in Downtown Beirut In March 2017, which will have exclusive AY collections at Beirut only. We are launching our Ready-To-Wear Bridal line end of May.


What advice would you give our future brides?

Always choose what fits your personality and your figure, respect and love your silhouette. Do not get over dressed to impress people, this day is about you, show your beauty!