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Domaine Chateau Cana: Your Wedding Venue!

Celebrate Your Wedding in a New Enchanting Venue


Located 18 kms from Beirut, in the vicinity of Bhamdoun, Chateau Cana receives you in a fairy frame.


June 14th, 2018


Newly adapted to celebrate weddings, the wine cellar is surrounded by vineyards, pines and cedars. The reception garden can accommodate more than 300 guests. It bathes in a unique tranquility and offers different angles of view spectacular and ideal for your photos. The outdoor garden is colorful and vibrant by day and turns into a magically romantic space come the night. 


A guesthouse will be at your disposal for your comfort. The indoor area, where the arcades and the bonefire are guaranteed to dreate a warm and charming atmosphere, can welcome more than 130 seated people.


From the first meeting until the D-Day, Chateau Cana team will be at your disposal to offer you a personalized quality service.


Until the end of the night, enjoy the magic of your wedding at Chateau Cana.