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Esposa: A New Flower Girls & Boys Shop in Dbayeh


The Kidswear Boutique Complete Esposa’s line of Bridal Bresses and Accessories


June 5th, 2018


Continuously striving to meet its customers’ needs and enhance their overall experience, Esposa announced the addition of a flower girls’ and boys’ shop to its network of branches across Lebanon. 


Open in Dbayeh, the kidswear boutique comes to complete Esposa’s line of bridal dresses and accessories, in addition to the bridesmaids and evening dresses the brand offers. Designed for girls and boys, the collection reflects the same bespoke couture and craftsmanship Esposa’s clientele has grown accustomed to. Adapted to kids, it translates the intricate work of beading, floral embroidery, creative motifs, and luxurious fabrics into smaller-size dresses captured in a frivolous and playful mood.


Voluminous tulle layers, half-illusion bodices, irregular skirts, and cute add-ons such as waist belts and back flower adornment make Esposa’s flower girl dresses simply irresistible! Shot in a setting that beautifully renders the innocent world of kids, the girly collection is joined in by stylish boy looks. Full tuxedos or casual outfits, they make the extra touch of elegance that will embellish your wedding.


Esposa’s flower boy and girl collection is available on a new level in the existing Dbayeh branch, for both rent and sale, making it easier for brides-to-be who are checking the wedding collection at Esposa bridal store to have a look at it.