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Saïd Kobeisy : Magnificent Bridal 2018 Collection

Dreams Merge With Reality ​


In Saiid Kobeisy’s sensational bridal line, dreams merge with reality and the make-believe takes form.



March 31th, 2018



Draped in elegant lacework and expressive frills, the bride takes her place as a fluttering, fairytale vision. Carefully fashioned with practicality in mind, yet glamorous beyond measure, the designer’s bridal looks exude romance and grandeur, embodying all that’s extravagant in a woman. The ready-to-wear bridal Fall 18 collection is characterized by its high-end quality and exquisite designs created for the woman who is bold, elegant, and unconventional. Fully pearl-beaded veils and generous volumes come together to produce a unique collection for the romantic and sensual bride.