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Tony Ward : Frac/Tals

Tony Ward’s Spring Summer 2018 Couture collection


A never-ending pattern is at the origin of Tony Ward’s inspiration for this Spring Summer 2018 Couture collection: Fractals.



February 5th, 2018



This chaotic pattern is everywhere around us; they are found on trees, rivers, clouds, seashells... Fractals’ shapes are intriguing and infinitely complex; they originate from chaotic mathematical equations and are driven by recursion.


Following the same chaos, these patterns are replicated on the dresses; each repetition creating random, unique and beautiful outlines that are still very similar to the initial shape, yet presenting a multitude of infinitesimal differences.


For this Spring Summer 2018 Couture collection, these consistent yet random and complex patterns are handcrafted on dresses made of lace, organza, embroidered tulle and laser-cut satin.

The color palette is all about rose, lilac, light green, greige and cream; giving a light and delicate summery feel to the collection while softening the otherwise intricate details of the embroideries.


The patterns on the garments, along with the juxtaposition of strong and soft volumes, add a touch of unusual and offset beauty to the collection.



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