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Spectacular and Low Priced Wedding Dresses

Mrs. to Be boutique will make any bride a happy one!


December 28th, 2017


One of the hottest wedding dress boutiques, in 2018, will be the Mrs to Be boutique. It will make any bride a happy one.


Betting on branded wedding dresses, and prestigious signatures, brides to be will certainly find their dream dress at prices really within reach for everyone!


For the dreaming brides to be, of distinction and famous brands, with the desire of romance and elegance, and with a limited budget, MEV has met Carla Fayad Cabbabe, owner and director of this innovative boutique.


Tell us more about the main idea behind this boutique?

I always liked the concept of consignment. A successful concept in Europe and the United States. Thanks to the Internet, it is available to all. This is an interesting concept as all involved parties are winners. A person who does not want an object, whatever it is, can sell it and recover some profit instead of throwing it away. And of course, a person looking for this item can find it at a great price. More specifically, this idea of ​​dépôt-vente for bridal dresses came to me simply from my bridal dress. Indeed, married for a little over 2 years, I fell one day on my dress tidy at the bottom of my closet. And there, I spend long minutes looking at this beautiful dress, that I loved so much, and that reminds me of one of the most beautiful days of my life, saying to myself what a pity it is ending up in the closet. I would have liked so much that another bride to be could enjoy this dress… this is how the concept of Mrs to Be, which consists in recovering pre-owned wedding dresses to resell them at very interesting prices, is born!


To which future brides your collections is dedicated?

To all the brides! The choice is very wide in terms of styles, brands, sizes... And to be frank with you, I think more and more young girls would like to find the dress of their dream without necessarily breaking their bank account or exceeding a specific budget. And that's exactly what Mrs to Be offers: all kinds of discounted beautiful dresses.


Are the proposed wedding dresses timeless or trendy?

We have dresses form brides who married in 2017, as well as wedding dresses dating back to over 15 years. I really like this mix of styles and "times". Since confidentiality is one of the principles ​​of the boutique (we do not reveal the identity of the seller, nor the buyer), I guarantee you that it is virtually impossible to guess which dresses were designed more than 10 years ago.


What are your sources of Mrs. to be wedding dresses?

The dresses come, in general, from individuals interested in the concept of offering a second life to their dress; but also dressmakers, such as Abbas Harajli who exhibits at Mrs to Be many of his creations (dresses worn once and resold at a reduced price).