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Ideal Standard Latest Designs & Innovations

At Dubai’s prestigious Downtown Design ‘17 Show


November 16th, 2017


Ideal Standard, one of the leading providers of innovative bathroom solutions operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa is participating in Downtown Design 2017 - the region’s premier showcase of original, high quality design from all over the world. Taking place at the Dubai Design District from November 14th-17th, it is a key element of the Dubai Design Week.


In a 100 m2 stand, Ideal Standard’s stunning display is driven by the objective to give prominence to trend setting design and product innovation. And not only that! It is also the first presentation of the new Corporate Identity in Middle East & Africa. 


New Corporate Identity

For more than 100 years, Ideal Standard has shaped the sanitary industry with leading innovation. Products like the single-lever tap, the rimless toilet, Aquablade® flushing technology or the ultra-flat shower tray were pioneered by us. We are uniquely positioned with deep-rooted engineering and manufacturing expertise in the Ceramic & Brassware product categories, providing high quality residential, commercial and healthcare bathroom solutions. At the same time, this allowed us to produce design concepts that have won prestigious awards, like IF, DOT, the German Design Award, etc.


Whether an architect, contractor, a plumber or an end user, all customers want solutions to meet their needs. They ask for better sustainability and enhanced experience; great design with great functionality. That is why we are making it our mission to serve our Customers with Water Expertise.


Global megatrends have a significant impact on the use of our most precious resource, Water. Demographic changes, the need for greater sustainability, the fight against infection in healthcare environments and the increasing digitalization of our lives require more holistic solutions. Our innovations address these global megatrends. Our residential bathroom solutions provide unprecedented convenience & flexibility, our commercial solutions stand out with cost efficiency and durability and our healthcare solutions look deeper into infection control and provide uncompromising hygiene.


A new look for the Group

To reflect our pursuit to serve our customers – professionals and end users - with water expertise that drives innovation in the sanitary industry, we’ve created a new corporate identity that represents what we as a company stand for. The two interlocking rings are a symbol of our connection with our customers. A symbol of seamless partnership and dynamic water flow. A reflection of our desire to help them find the ideal solution through our insights and our expertise.


Innovation & Design stream at Downtown Design

Prominent on display is our new Ipalyss™ vessel range featuring Ideal Standard’s latest innovation in ultra-thin ceramic material, Diamatec. This patented new material was developed using a unique blend of specially refined materials, resulting in exceptional robustness that allows designers to achieve the near impossible: extremely thin, straight edges that are extremely robust and durable. The striking aesthetics of our Ipalyss™ range were developed in collaboration with the award-winning British designer, Robin Levien and his design studio. Among the salient attractions on offer is Connect Air range, the latest multi-product collection that brings a lightness and an unprecedented elegance, granting an airy feel to any environment and creating efficient, durable and stunning bathrooms. The Connect Air collection taps into the minimalistic trend for sleek and slim line interiors. Consisting of ceramics, furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, it offers a unique mix of timeless modern styles that connect to any bathroom’s requirements.


Coming to complete this total bathroom solution, our new Connect Air mixers bring a sense of freshness and lightness. Following the sleek lines of the series, they feature an elegant body with elongated silhouette. Equipped with 5lpm flow regulators, they reduce water consumption without compromising on the flow performance. The versatile Connect Air mixer range has many options for basins, baths, and showers with a variety of heights and configurations, offering a unique mix of timeless modern style that connects to all the requirements in any bathroom.


Among our star attraction will be Ideal Standard’s revolutionary AquaBlade® flushing technology, guarantying total hygiene, water efficiency and a quietly impeccable performance. Using an engineered system that creates a pressurized cascade of water, which flows around the bowl generating 2 strong jets that merge, the area below the rim is rinsed clean.


Expanding the very successful Idealrain family shower accessories, this year we present the new Idealrain Evo and Evo jet shower kits and handsprays. Idealrain Evo handsprays have 3 spray patterns, rain, fine rain and massage, while Evo Jet takes it one step further with rain, drop-jet & intense massage modes. These will guarantee a showering experience that can cover any demand and be relaxing, refreshing or invigorating depending on individual need. One can easily change between modes via a push button, an advanced feature compared to the existing Idealrain. Showering area is traditionally the one with the most water consumption, so it is important to consider the water saving characteristics of the products installed there. Round and diamond shaped, these handsprays feature 8lpm flow regulators that help save water and money, irrespective of water pressure and without influencing performance.


Mr Ahmed Hafez, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Standard MENA commented: “Downtown Design is a great platform for established and emerging brands to converse with professionals – architects, contractors, engineers, etc. We are very excited to present our new corporate identity, as well as our latest design and technology innovations that are targeting the requirements and specification of the MENA region for hygiene, water and energy saving. Through our participation, we aim to take advantage of the huge networking opportunities and expose our trend setting and pioneering products to this amazing audience.”


Ideal Standard is associated with some of the most prestigious projects in the Gulf and is committed to reinforce its market presence with its adherence to product quality, innovation, design and sustainability leading to functional bathroom solutions. It is known to meet every demand, where aesthetics is as important as performance.