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Love (and Wedding?...) Through Fragrance

Emporio Armani Presenting a New dialogue of Fragrances for Him and for Her


November 12th, 2017


In 1981, Giorgio Armani imagined and created Emporio Armani as an urban, energetic, positive brand, enamoured with youth and freedom: a more experimental version of his style. Emporio Armani became a line for men and women who are free to do, to create and to love.


«From its first steps, Emporio has become my favorite testing ground. By observing real life, I understood which direction to take. The collection has a young feel but it’s not just for 20 year olds, instead it’s for those who, with taste and class, want to feel young at every age.»  Giorgio Armani


In 1998, Giorgio Armani created the first Emporio Armani fragrances embodying this modern approach with multicultural echoes, drawing inspiration from all corners of the world.


 2017 is the year for two new fragrances that express this contemporary lifestyle and speak to a new generation: BECAUSE IT’S YOU for her and STRONGER WITH YOU for him.


At the heart of this story is love - unconditional love, joyful love. This love is reinvented and captured in a pair of fragrances and symbolized by two intertwined rings.


Matilda and James play Laura and Paul, two people who challenge their love for each other every single day. Set in the center of a world class city, this is a 21st century love story. They experience a love that makes them stronger, where everything is possible. An enlightened love, an astonishing driving force, a creative energy feeding a desire to be better, to go beyond oneself to see bigger and further. Like the emblem of the Emporio Armani label: «The eagle was imagined as something immediately understandable, as something that was intended to fly high.», explains Giorgio Armani.


Together we can touch the sky, Together we can fly, Together we are unstoppable. Three snippets of life where Paul and Laura transform each situation into a positive and hedonistic experience. Three titles who resound like “love mantras,” conferring extraordinary powers that make them stronger every day and ever more sure of their feelings.


It’s the new dialogue between the sexes - contemporary, positive, balanced.