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Your Wedding at Coral Beach Hotel & Resort!


Coral Beach Hotel & Resort offers a wide range of services adaptable to all types of events: weddings, party receptions, celebrations, cocktail parties, and catering services - Coral Catering - which was recently introduced for your private events in your own location.


Today, planning a wedding is a complex process; each couple has special needs and wishes. As a result, the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort offers wedding personalization, as it is a main element for the bride and groom throughout their wedding organization.

Coral Beach team of experts will help the couple throughout the preparations, taking into consideration every detail so that they feel at ease, eliminating any doubt or hesitation for the organization of D-Day.

All types of menus are offered to meet the needs and wishes of the couple.

Nowadays, a few couples ask for a mix of different food cultures, on the same table, to satisfy all the tastes of their guests. The banquet sales team and head chef helps them create the menu they want.

Coral Beach encourage this because it brings the diversity of talents to the table. Thus, Coral Beach will show its team talents to your guests, and therefore what its cuisine is capable of doing.

They have one of the best Executive Chefs in Lebanon, with a team of talented and experienced chefs, and dinners are prepared with the finest ingredients in terms of quality and freshness.

Great care, to innovative presentations, is always taken to satisfy the customers.


In addition, special offers are made for married couples visiting Lebanon, such as hotel booking, airport pick-up limousine and wedding preparation…



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