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The New «Balloon Animals» Artworks by Jeff Koons

Manasseh Introduces the New artworks by Jeff Koons for Bernardaud in Beirut​


Beirut is among the first international capitals that were chosen by Bernardaud to unveil therein, for the first time, the latest “Balloon Animals” artworks designed by Jeff Koons for the prestigious French brand.


August 1st, 2017


Manasseh will soon present, in collaboration with the Maison Bernardaud, Jeff Koons’ latest creations that you can, as of now, reserve in preview at Manasseh boutiques in Achrafieh, Downtown & Kaslik.


Jeff Koons was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1955. He is without question one of the most esteemed living artists of our era. He partnered with Bernardaud to realize the sophisticated pieces exposed worldwide. These artworks are part of numerous private and public collections. Koons’ creations “allow the viewers not to be intimidated by art, but make them feel that they can emotionally participate in it through their senses and their intellect and be fully engaged”. The Bernardaud collection by Jeff Koons comprises the following pieces:

  • Balloon Swan (Yellow) A yellow balloon twisted into a porcelain swan. The statuette in the shape of a swan is of significant importance for the artist as it is one of Koons’ first ceramic sculptures, made at the age of 9. The young artist put all his effort into finding the right angle for the swan’s neck. He spent over a year and a half working to shape its graceful neck. 
  • Balloon Monkey Jeff Koons transforms a simple twisted balloon into a porcelain monkey for his limited edition, Balloon Monkey 2017. Seven years in the making, the original Balloon Monkey (Blue)2006–2013, is 3.80 meters long and weighs nearly five tons.