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Take the Best Possible Care of Your Eyes

New Clarins Multi-Active Yeux


Hectic days glued to your smartphone... Trouble sleeping... Late nights, interrupted sleep... A text? An email?This stressful lifestyle leaves its mark on the eyes first and in particular, the eye contour. This delicate area is 3-5 times finer than the rest of the face and the first to show visible signs... it’s also one of your top beauty priorities! So, to take the best possible care of it, Clarins presents... New Clarins Multi-Active Yeux!


The essential eye care for hyper-connected women in their 30’s, to preserve radiant, youthful-looking eyes.
Combining a technology inspired by the latest scientific advances with the power of plants, Multi-Active Yeux :



fine lines,



signs of fatigue (puffiness and dark circles),



and brightens the eye area.


Hour after hour, today and tomorrow,
despite a stressful, hyper-connected lifestyle, your eyes appear beautiful, incredibly luminous.


Innovation: fine lines

Clarins Research has demonstrated the harmful effects of a stressful lifestyle on the fibroblast, a cell that plays a key part in maintaining youthful skin. Stress and lack of sleep lead to an overproduction of free radicals which attack and wear down this cell.
Fine lines, loss of radiance... the first visible signs of ageing start to appear.

Technology that targets the first signs of ageing

A Clarins Laboratories innovation, new generation capsules of teasel extract with powerful antioxidant and revitalizing benefits, target the fibroblast, a cell that plays a key part in maintaining youthful skin. Protected from the harmful effects of a stressful lifestyle, it stays at full capacity.

To promote a youthful-looking eye area for longer.

A complete eye reviving action

Clarins Research has demonstrated that an overproduction of free radicals caused by the fatigue and stress of a hectic, hyper-connected lifestyle, damage not just the fibroblast but also blood capillaries. They become more porous, leading to excessive leakage of blood pigments and water. This has visible consequences on the eye contour which is highly vascularized. Dark circles and puffiness start to develop.


Eye-reviving innovation

Clarins Research also uses the fatigue-fighting properties of teasel extract in its free form.
This extract, by limiting the porosity of blood capillaries, helps to fight dark circles and puffiness linked to stress and fatigue.

The eyes appear revived.


Teasel: a story of beauty

Beneath its prickly exterior, the teasel holds a wealth of treasures. Nicknamed «Venus’ basin», after the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the water that collects in its curved leaves was used in Antiquity as a beauty water.

Teasel and responsible beauty

The teasel is obtained through organic farming and extracted using environmentally-friendly methods. The choice of this ingredient is in line with Clarins commitments in terms of responsible beauty.

Reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness

Signs of fatigue are minimized thanks to the combined actions of escin from horse chestnut (with anti-dark circles benefits) and caffeine (which fights puffiness).

Puffiness and dark circles are visibly minimized.


An immediate smoothing effect

Its specific texture smoothes and optically blurs the look of fine lines, to give an immediate smoothing effect.
The eye contour reveals its youthful beauty.

An instant depuffing effect

The combination of a refreshing cream-gel texture infused with “illuminating” pigments and a cryo-metal* tip, instantly lightens and brightens the eye area.
The eyes are instantly brighter.