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A Sparkling, Irresistable, Addictive Potion

La Nuit Trésor: The story of Love, Told Through a Trio of Roses​

Love is a never-ending story, and La Nuit Trésor is writing a new tale.

Each fragrance embraces an exceptional rose, chosen for its ability to bring to life a chapter of the path of love, through its distinctive scent.

The Rose Aphrodisiaque is enhanced in the Eau de Parfum and conveys attraction.

The Rose Caresse is amplified in the Caresse Eau de Parfum and portrays tenderness.

And finally the Rose Passion, which is elevated in the new Eau de Toilette, expresses passion — the desire to experience love intensely every day, just as in the first moments. A potent, heady rose, whose freshness is matched only by its languor. This is the new passion manifesto.

A brand new scent is unveiled, expressing a sensual, bold, sparkling, assertive femininity.

Fresher and more lively than the iconic Eau de Parfum, emboldened by striking contrasts; the irresistible appeal of this fruity version lies in its green, acidic tones.

On the skin, it is exceptional.

Charming and utterly languorous.

Passion embodied by a rose

Created by the same designers as the original Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Parfum Caresse — Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Clerc Marie, both renowned in French perfumery — La Nuit Trésor Eau de Toilette is a fruity, musky Floriental.

The heart of this latest variation is an exceptional essence of Damask Rose, picked as a metaphor for great love.

A swirling, lavish, potent scent, transported by three fruity raspberry, blackcurrant and lychee accords that are beyond delicious.

A vibrant paradox, shaped by contrasting notes that make it even more compelling. The refreshing top note explodes with bursting, sparkling citrus, including bergamot with brilliantly amplified, inconceivable freshness. Then, it lights up with an elegant, sheer, floral bouquet, blended with peony and lily of the valley.

It is still enriched with patchouli essence, and the trail is as mesmerizing and sensual as ever, thanks to the Vanilla Tahitensis, wrapped in a hint of endlessly silky, subtle, enduring white musk that covers the skin.


In jewellery, purple diamonds are amongst the most sought-after in the world. Their deep colour, which can range from crimson-purple to intense blue-violet, gives them an air of mystery unlike any other stone. These treasured gems inspired the colour of the bottle and box.

And so the re-imagined diamond bottle of La Nuit Trésor, the neck adorned with a generous, swirling rose, looks more enigmatic, rarer and more precious than ever. 


[1]_ A sultry night, when lovers embrace in absolute love. [Myth] The Goddess of the night, adorned with a starry veil. [2] An Eau de Toilette, composed of the rarest of raw materials: a heart of Rose Essence, transported by a blackberry accord and bursting with citrus, elevated by a sheer floral bouquet. [3] The First Rose Passion, created for Lancôme by two stars of French perfumery — the new 21st-century love potion.