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Two to Sleep!

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That's it, in few days, or few weeks, you will start your new life. You want to share everything,  your joys, sorrows, outings… and your bed.

The bed? Ah, you’re dreaming! These perfect images of couples entwined, smiling and happy, plunged into a deep sleep.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited day arrives, with it all its recriminations: "You take the whole quilt!" Or "You snore too loud!" will become part of the classic repertory of your nightly conversations. He likes to stay awake late, while you lie down at sunset; you read late into the night when he needs complete darkness to fall asleep. Lack of energy, fatigue and aggressiveness will soon emerge, the result ok lack of sleep, and this can quickly cause the couple a spiral of problems.

The good news is that with few and simple steps, and a lot of communication, sleeping together can be as enjoyable as you’ve imagined.

First, dare to ask for what suits your sleeping habits, and listen to the needs of your spouse. Whether it is the light, the silence or the different schedules, find what works for both of you. Read or watch the TV in a separate room, opt for  separate beds or separate rooms.

Forget the media images , where couples sleep in the same bed, go to bed at the same time, fall asleep at the same time and wake up smiling also at the same time!

Beware of the reality of your life and your love! Listen to each other and you will have every chance to find a formula that suits you to be well together, sleep in peace and wake up in shape every day.