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Makeup: Tips of a Specialist

Roula Riachi Knows What it Takes!

Being beautiful the most important day of her life is the desire of every bride. And makeup is one of the major elements of her look. To succeed, she has to know how to entrust her face to the right person. Esthetician, major of her promotion in Lebanon, Roula Riachi was always attracted by the makeup and is very renowned in this field. MEV met her as a beauty specialist.


Do you get to know the bride in advance?

It depends! Some are already my customers, others know me through relatives, or friends, who wear makeup at home and sometimes make the reservation without even coming to see me. After 22 years of work, I can immediately guess what interests the bride-to-be: her way of dressing, her hair, makeup. Even before she expresses it, I know what she likes and what suits her. So the bride-to-be trusts me. Originally, I am a beautician but I specialized in makeup. Every makeup is a source of satisfaction for me. I feel that I bring beauty and joy to the bride I am handling her makeup. Moreover, after all these years of experience, one becomes friends with his clients, their confidante and you learn to know them very well.


Are you doing makeup tests?

No need! But if the bride has, beforehand, an opportunity, an outing ... she comes to make an ordinary makeup to become familiar with our space. Others have full confidence in us, or who know me well. Moreover, the makeup of the bride requires much more work and time than a simple every day makeup. So it is not possible to do tests in advance. Face corrections, blisters, contouring, are done the same day. Besides, as a training aesthetician, I know very well the quality of the skin, the products to be used as makeup base, and so on.


What are your tips for the bride?

Of course, rest is essential in the eight days preceding the marriage; but, on the other hand, we know that the bride has a lot to do, so asking her to rest is a bit difficult. I especially advise not to get a sunburn, to drink a lot of water, to eat fruits, vegetables and anything that helps to have a shiny face. We can also apply a special bride shine care 48 hours before D-Day, and an eye mask. If I feel that the bride has a skin problem, I direct her to a dermatologist. Moreover, 90% of the imperfections are hidden by the makeup. Finally, it is essential that the skin remains beautiful and glowing, during the honeymoon, once the makeup is removed.