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Bridal Hairstyle Tips!

Joseph Saad Tells us More About Brides' Hairstyle​

MEV has met Joseph Saad to tell us more about brides’ hairstyle.

1-Where do you get your inspiration to find the perfect look for each bride?

To find the ideal hairstyle, I search for inspiration from the theme of her wedding, her personality and her desires. If the overall mood of the wedding allows it, I can even achieve its craziest cravings. Everything must be in agreement.

2-Do you make hair testing before the wedding?

Certainly! Hair testing before D-Day is mandatory. The bride must know what is right for her. Perhaps the idea she has in mind does not fit the shape of her face. I give her advice and my personal opinion, and together we find the perfect hairstyle. Thus, on the day of her marriage, she will be much more relaxed and confident.

3-What are your tips for the future bride?

All brides want to slightly change their look for the wedding in order to get a nice effect on the photos. Some subtly colored locks will soften the features of their faces and give the chignon a beautiful elegance. However, I prefer to start treating their hair from the first appointment so that the color adheres properly and that the quality improves gradually till their most important day.

Makeup by Eva Atallah