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A Booming Hub for Carpet Lovers and Shoppers in Lebanon and Beyond !


In 1986, Charbel Helou, the experienced rug connoisseur, decided to open ‘L’artisan du tapis’ with a vision to introduce high-quality distinctive carpets to homes of Lebanese people. Driven by his experience and know-how, his love for carpets led him to travel the globe and hand-pick a variety of authentic carpets to please all tastes. Today, with his unique team of artisans, ‘L’artisan du tapis’ became the place for the finest rug creations dedicated for both living and working spaces.


Our connoisseurs carefully select the most unique collections of vintage and contemporary carpets from India, Nepal, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and more and bring them to Lebanon, making ‘L’artisan du tapis’ a leader in the industry.


‘L’artisan du tapis’ dominates the Lebanese market with its two-prime locations in Lebanon, the first a showroom in the heart of Beirut in Petro Trad Street, Freij Building, Sodeco, Ashrafieh and a second branch in Farra Design Center in Mkalles.


Our website serves as a third branch for both national and international markets around the clock. Visitors can choose from a variety of imported carpets displayed on our website ranging from different styles, shapes and budgets. With a click of a button, own the carpet of your choice, pay online and benefit from a complimentary delivery service without any hassle.


‘L’artisan du tapis’ has the largest selection of modern, contemporary and vintage rugs, and for those who would like to give their carpets a personal touch, it is possible to customize any rug online choosing from a variety of colors shapes, designs and materials.


As part of this service, it is also possible to weave any design on your carpet, from abstract lines and shapes to detailed portraits and landscapes. Choose between over one thousand colors and shades and make the carpet of your dreams with the texture of your choice, including pure silk, wool, bamboo silk, nettle, viscose and more. We proudly weave using various techniques such as handmade, hand-loomed and hand-tufted, all within a record time thanks to our dedicated design team who will work hand in hand with you to bring your vision to life.


Modern or Vintage?

‘L’artisan du tapis’ is a pioneer in introducing the finest vintage and modern carpets to the local and even international markets with a vast collection of more than 1000 models.  


We bring you the most extensive collection of modern carpets handmade in Nepal and India by skilled artisans with the use of fine silk and wool. Known for their distinguished abstract or geometrical designs, opt for the modern collection to guarantee a statement piece in any room. Our designers will help you pick the most personal and unique piece that suits your space and personality. Choose a neutral colored palette for a Zen design or try an eye-catching color model for a more vivid space.


‘L’artisan du tapis’ also offers an array of vintage carpets, mainly sourced from Turkey and Iran, for a timeless classy interior charm. We believe in embracing the old style and enhancing its timeless features by putting a modern twist on authentic Persian rugs. Our workshop handles this transformation in a professional manner and uses high-quality colors and textures to bleach and over-dye vintage carpets. The vintage carpet collection is a celebration of the old and the new creating one of a kind dazzling pieces coveted by the big names of the interior design industry.


Contact us now to restyle your vintage Persian rug with the ultimate makeover by the most professional team of artisans. ‘L’artisan du tapis’ is proudly the first workshop to have mastered the “vintage look” technique by altering or removing the color of your carpet rendering it like nothing less of an artisanal art piece.


What Truly Sets Us Apart: Our Extensive Services

‘L’artisan du tapis’ believes in its premium quality products and thus proudly introduces the “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” service available for free across all areas of Lebanon. This service is exclusively offered as proof of excellence in service and customer satisfaction allowing clients to experiment with the shape, texture and size of the carpet. Our experienced team of designers will help you pick the right rug size and model for any living or working space with the chance to try it for free prior to any purchase.

Whether you are designing a living room, a grand entrance or a bedroom, carpets can be used to add warmth and bring color to any space with the possibility to customize the size to fit any dimension. We are ready to assist you with any size or style enquiry as we believe that the carpet of your choice can entirely transform your living area.

Do not hesitate to contact our design team to help you choose the right carpet with the best design and size, whether you are looking for a sense of comfort, luxury, warmth or wellness.


We believe in long-term customer relationship, thus our after sales services are available with a free pick-up and delivery. From cleaning to reparation, fringes, borders, stretching and color fixing, we give all your carpets a second life. Our team of rug connoisseurs and experts will meticulously clean your finest rugs and assist with any needed reparation, as we believe that artistic floorings deserve a thorough cleaning process on a yearly basis to ensure longevity, hygiene and maintenance.

At ‘L’artisan du tapis’, we understand that the cleaning method depends on the type of carpet and material. Our team is ready to handle the most delicate Persian and Caucasian rugs with the needed tools and technique to preserve your cherished carpet. Modern carpets are also handled with the utmost care using new cutting-edge cleaning techniques leaving them spotless. We are also trained on stain removal and dry cleaning and willing to cater to all your needs.


‘L’artisan du tapis’ also specializes in artisanal carpet restoration and handles restoration of all kinds of Persian and Caucasian carpets. We provide expert services with the use of all natural dyes for color restoration and materials from the carpet’s country of origin for a meticulous reparation. Our team uses natural vegetable dyes to give your carpets premium color accuracy and restore old colors even in case of flooding or color bleeding. Our scope of work also encompasses enhancing your carpet’s colorfastness with guaranteed results.


Visit our website now on www.carpetsinlebanon.com or visit our showrooms in Ashrafieh and Mkalles if you are looking for a new carpet or planning to revamp your old one!   


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