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Ideal Standard’s Brings Edge & Innovation To Bathroom Design

EDGE Embodies Style and Strength offering a contemporary mixer solution for any project !​


Creating the Contemporary Edge

EDGE is a contemporarymixercollection with clean, geometriclines,inspired by a return to simplicity in modern design and an emphasis on quality material. The understated chrome finish shifts the focus from design to function, which results in a purposeful, hard-working design with an appearance that underscores its performance.

Featuring some of the slimmest models on the market, EDGE blends seamlessly into any design environment with an effortless elegance, and offers a versatile solution for every bathroom area with varying heights and features for thebasins, bath and showers.


Quality and Durability

What sets EDGE apart from other modern collections is undoubtedly its focus on manufacturing excellence. In the manufacturing process, each and every element of the collection is tested to the limit, to ensure the casting is strong and durable. Ideal Standard replicates the most demanding conditions in its European factories, ensuring a quality which endures and is backed by a 5-year warranty.


Effortless Installation and Long-term Efficiency

To reduce installation time and costs, EDGE features EasyFix®method which can save up to 30% on installation time.

Winner of German Design Award 2019, EDGE mixeroffers the latest technologies to dramatically reduce water consumption and ensure significant cost savings over time in any environment. A compact 5L/min aerator saves water without compromising on user experience. For commercial spaces, which are submitted to high frequency use, EDGE mixers are equipped with Ideal Standard’s latest ceramic disc cartridge FirmaFlow®- robust and resistant to an unprecedented degree within the industry.

Ideal Standard has revolutionized water management with theinvention of the ceramic disc cartridge 50 years ago and has refined it over generations to a new updated and more durable ceramic cartridge, the FirmaFlow®. This improved technology, withstands the most demanding environments and provides at least 10 to 15 years of daily use.

Frederick Trzcinski, Marketing & Innovation Directorat Ideal Standard said, “With EDGE, the clue is in the name. The design is a frontrunner in modernbathroom collections, which can provide end users with a timeless, geometric design as well as a guaranteed standard of quality. The simplicity of the range and easy installation makes it highly adaptable in any setting.That’s whatgives this mixers collection its edge – a powerful combination of modernist designand uncompromised performance.”