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From elegant ceramics and innovative brassware to a huge range of compatible furniture options, Ideal Standard, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of private and public bathroom solutions, offers customers complete flexibility when it comes to creating inspirational basin spaces. Ideal Standard has used its 100 years’ worth of experience to offer products which balance high-end design with innovation and functionality, empowering customers with greater design options and exceptional technologies that help them find and express their own unique styles.




Blend textures and styles for a truly personal pampering space.

“Clean lines can still be soft and welcoming. The contrast between natural and man-made creates harmony and calmness.”

Inspired by the carefree lifestyles of designers in the 1970’s, this creative trend is all about combining natural textures and neutral shades with gold accents and verdant plant life. With a stunning selection of basins, vanities and fittings, we’ve got everything you need to create a unique space that tells your story.



Bringing the outside in

The “Boho” look brings together natural textures and material such as wood and ceramics, alongside plants and eye-catching gold detailing for an accessible yet luxurious finish.

Filling your space with plants and greenery will truly bring a washroom alive and cleanse the environment. Sit your plants alongside oversize mirrors to reflect the foliage and bathe your room in natural light. Our Connect Air vanity units are the perfect place to rest your basin – choose from a variety of concise shapes and finishing options complement your eco-inspired living space. The furniture finishes come in an array of color combinations chosen by our award-winning designer Robin Levien, to fit diverse areas and styles. From dark chocolate for a strong design statement to fully white for a minimalist approach; the palettes and natural wood options will add a Scandinavian style to your bathroom and bring the lightness of the overall concept.



Blissful balance

One key word that describes “Boho” is ‘balanced’. A blend of organic textures and material which contrast yet complement each other perfectly – from calm, neutral shades to vibrant green foliage – all working in harmony to create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

Not just inviting to look at, but also interesting to touch and feel, the “Boho” trend provides a full sensory experience. If you’re looking for the perfect finish or shade to complement your space, our Connect Air ceramic collection offers you refreshing versatility, enabling you to build your own individual washbasin look and feel that complements Connect Air furniture range – a perfect solution for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and personal style.


Our design, your story

For a bespoke finish, complete your “Boho” look with carefully curated items that you have collected when traveling, from French olive oil soap to hand-blown glassware. This is a great way to express your style and share your story – the more unique handcrafted, the better.

Each product in our range is designed and ready for personal touches. Take our classy yet stylish Connect Air vanity unit, which lets you build the ideal space for your plants and toiletries, or make the fine-edged, delicate yet tough Ipalyss® vessels your centrepiece – tough enough to withstand demanding environments, and beautiful enough to strike the right tone in luxury settings including hotels, apartments and restaurants. Ipalyss® vessels can resist heavy usage over a long period of time. They are designed using Ideal Standard new super thin ceramic material and the Diamatec® Technology which is known for its hardness and strength that prevents cracking and adds structural strength.


Boho? Let’s go

If you are planning to have a bathroom that blends neutral style with personal touches, the “Boho” trend is for you. Natural and inviting, it is a surprisingly simple way to bring more of “you” to any living space. Choose from a selection of key Ideal Standard products for a look that is more couture than cluttered, offering you and your guests a sense of laid-back luxury at every step.