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Calligaris at Salone Del Mobile 2018

The Products for 2018 are, as Always, Very Diverse​ !


In 2018 Calligaris celebrates 95 years of furniture making. Through this long journey, founded on an ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, the once small chair manufacturer has become the large- scale production company that it is today. Year after year, Calligaris products are increasingly appreciated for their functionality and beauty thanks, among other things, to designers who skilfully interpret through, ever-changing forms, the company's contemporary spirit and great manufacturing experience. 


The products for 2018 are, as always, very diverse, catering to the different lifestyles of the modern world. The collection features padded chairs and armchairs, dining tables and coffee tables, sofas and a variety of furnishing accessories, including a rich selection of mirrors. There is also a very special project: the LAB extending table with electric opening system, a major advance in the idea of smart furniture that is the very core of the Calligaris identity.



The keyword is “maximum flexibility”. Catering to the trend of increasingly fluid spaces, freedom of use is the characteristic shared by all the new Calligaris seating projects, without a clear distinction between pieces designed for hospitality projects and products conceived exclusively for the home. This underlying idea has given rise to a flexible and diverse collection of products that can have many lives and be beautiful and functional in many different environments.

LIBERTY indoor/outdoor chair, designed by Archirivolto, interprets the soft and balanced lines of the famous Thonet chairs in a modern vein. Made in polypropylene, LIBERTY comes in 8 special 70s inspired nuances, and is light, comfortable and stackable even in the armchair version.

Designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, the GALA range features chairs and stools with padded seats. The GALA range is elegant and light, and is distinguished by the contrast between the shell with velvet or leather upholstery in warm and sophisticated hues and the slim sled base.
The creativity of the same designers has also produced the refined and comfortable
COCO armchair, with its generous proportions and delicately 50s inspired style. COCO has a reassuring and timeless charm, and is also perfect as a stand-alone piece to enhance any space in the house, whether in the living room, the study or the sleeping area.

FOYER is a padded chair/armchair (designed by Edi and Paolo Ciani_Calligaris Studio) with simple and balanced lines and a large padded seat with fabric or leather upholstery.

With the SOPHIA upholstered chair CarlesiTonelli pay homage to the functionality and beauty of an essential design. The striking contrast between the geometric black metal frame and the graceful rounded shape of the padded seat and back makes SOPHIA a particular and sophisticated chair with an original vibe.

Bench, footstools and stools are now expanding the ATOLLO coffee table collection designed by Archirivolto. The leitmotiv is the metal rod frame within which the padded seat is set. The quilted velvet or faux leather upholstery in sophisticated shades and the piping along the edges give the products a luxurious beauty.

With its chair, stationary and swivel lounge armchair, and stationary and gas-lift stool, the versatile LOVE collection, featuring upholstered seats with rich padding and fine finishes, has been conceived by Radice & Orlandini Design Studio to bring a touch of vintage charm to the most diverse settings.



Functionality and a strong formal identity are the distinctive traits of the 2018 table collection, with a special focus on the extending table. For the first time, Calligaris is also featuring an electrically driven extending table. Its name is LAB and it is dedicated to the smart home that can transform itself and give new shape to the enjoyment of convivial and social life.

Still in the realm of the extending tables, BOULEVARD springs from the idea of creating a “super extendable” table featuring a combination of materials with different technical, aesthetic and sensory characteristics, namely wood for the legs and ceramic for the top and extensions. It comes in two lengths (180 cm and 240 cm) with 1 m folding extensions.

ICARO is a solid and elegant table designed by Archirivolto. It comes in rectangular and round version. What makes this collection very special is that the bases in ash can be matched with tops from a range of different shapes, sizes and materials. In its rectangular version which is also extendable ICARO features a base consisting of two “folded” wooden structures that form two wings on which the top seems to be balancing. In the round version, the base has three wooden structures “folded” into wings. Upon request, it can be supplied with the Lazy Susan spinning tray in the same finish as the top.

The STELLAR round table, designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, features a base made of thin metal elements that interweave to form a three-dimensional star-shaped motif. The sophisticated structure, so light as to seem carved out of thin air, supports tops available in two sizes and in different materials.



The STELLAR range, designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, also includes a pair of coffee tables and is ideal to complement the furnishings of the living area with an unexpected and striking feature, where a star-shaped base in black or white metal is combined with wooden or marble effect ceramic tops.

Another product of Archirivolto's unconventional creativity is AROUND, a multipurpose coffee table for the living area. Made in ash and featuring two ceramic tops that can be opened out and lifted up, AROUND is a brilliant solution for transforming the sofa area into a practical living space in which to relax, connect and enjoy a snack.

PURO is a range featuring one console table and two coffee tables designed by E-GGS Studio, with basic geometric shapes, two overlapping colours and two materials, glass and metal. Only a few “pure” elements make up these objects with an essential yet decorative design.

Designed by Gino Carollo, the two-piece DAYTONA coffee table set plays on the contrast between the basic shapes of the square and the circle. The result is a classic, rational and sleek object that looks good in many different settings.

Radice & Orlandini Design Studio has created the original two-piece ARENA coffee table set, featuring an elegant metal frame supporting a wooden top edged with leather, an enclosed space reminiscent of an arena.

BIBLIO, the only desk in the 2018 collection, was designed by Archirivolto as a perfect home office “accessory”, with soft lines and balanced proportions. Made in ash and featuring regenerated leather dividers that make the desk more intimate and self-contained, BIBLIO can carve out a small study area from various spaces in the home, from the bedroom to the living room.

Busetti Garutti Redaelli have also designed a beautiful and useful piece that adds a glamorous touch to the home. MAGAZINE is a coffee table/magazine rack, a practical and expressive object combining a practical table top with a useful magazine holder in regenerated leather. 


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