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How To Make a Wedding Toast

Speaking in Public Makes People very Nervous...


Your palms are moist. You can hear your heartbeat. Your voice shivers as you speak, and you are gripped by cold sweats. No, you are not speaking to the man or woman of your dreams for the first time, you are just making a speech in public.


The first step to write a good speech that will fascinate the bride and groom, as well as their guests, is to know them very well. One thing that is sure and certain since you are his best man. Start your speech with one of your best memories. The latter will bring a little trick, maybe sentimental or funny, but nothing too embarrassing. Especially do not disclose intimate or indiscreet information, pay attention to sensitive souls. Then you will tell a little story or an anecdote about the happy couple. For example, a short story about how they met and how this encounter has affected them in a positive way. Finally, let the bride and groom know that you wish them the best for this new life together. Another idea is to call in a group of intimate friends to present these vows. The last thing you have to do is to raise your glass and greet the newlyweds.


The 10 Commandments of a Successful Speech


1. Plan to talk for 1 to 4 minutes. It would be a pity to annoy the bride and groom and their guests, with an extraordinarily long toast, which re-emphasizes your friendship. A short toast has its effect, if it is said with emotion and sincerity.


2.Announce that you are going to have a toast so that everyone has the full glass, not to mention yours, of course.


3.Rise to toast, holding the glass with your right hand. It is customary, after the speech, to drink to the health of the couple.


4.Start your speech with a personal story. The best way to meet newlyweds is always the favorite anecdote. You can also use humor or quotes to get started.


5. Always use humor in good taste. Gently mocking the bride and her husband is one thing, but doing too much, with heavy jokes is another, it will only cause criticism and a disapproving public.


6. While making your speech, do not make gestures here and there, and above all keep the same tone of voice. I know, you'd think it's obvious, but with stage fright, some will change their accent and have a somewhat weird gesture. Do not forget that the audience is not there to watch a play but to listen to you, and that the newlyweds have set their sights on you and not on anyone else.


7.Exercise your speech. Practice it in front of people with whom you feel comfortable, trusted, and ask their opinion.


8.When rising your toast, look at the entire room, not forgetting the couple. Visual contact is an important feature of a good speaker.


9. Speak clearly and do not rush. Before you begin, take a deep breath, take your time so that your prepared text is understood by everyone.


10. Finally, end your speech with a wish, wishes, congratulations, or applause.


The 5 mistakes to avoid


1. Do not make the mistake of drinking a few glasses before to calm your nerves and feel more relaxed and zen. On the contrary, too much alcohol will prevent you from pronouncing your speech clearly.


2. Do not swear and do not lie.


3. Never excuse yourself for being a bad speaker. Do not say that you do not want to make this speech, but that you have not been left with the choice.


4.Do not mention a previous buddy or a past relationship. Evoking this would be in bad taste, inappropriate and embarrassing.


5.Don't forget that not all guests are the same age as you, nor the same humor. Make sure your stories are appropriate for an audience consisting of grandmothers, grandfathers and maybe even kids.


That's it, you're done! Breathe hard and drink your cup of champagne to the couple's health. Cheers!