Themes & Inspiration


Living Your Fairy Tale Wedding!

A Princess, a Charming Prince, a Castle, an Eternal Love...


Live your wedding like a fairy tale. Realize your little girl dream and create a world full of magic!


The chosen themes are always worked to perfection, everything shines, everything is grandiose! This romantic theme, where classic and modern intertwine, will bring all the guests in the past and plunge them into a luxurious and sparkling decor, full of charm and beauty. Whatever is your wedding budget, get inspired from these ideas for a 100% magical wedding, 100% royal!


The bride’ s dress

Your dress must, above all, be all white. This is the golden rule to respect despite the fact that, these days, colors are in the spotlight. Choose a dress with a tight bra and a puffy skirt. The more the skirt is bulky the more the princess effect is successful. Do not overdo it anyway, especially if you are small in size. If you like crystals, this theme is for you. The top of your dress can be dotted with shiny stones or be completely covered.


You can also choose a long sleeved dress, ideal for winter weddings. For the noble fabrics, tulle, satin and lace are de rigueur, they will float like clouds during your movements.


For the train, choose a long one, embroidered with sequins or flowers (make it detachable). If you want to create your own wedding dress, get inspired from fairy tale princesses. Disney characters' outfits, for example, are wonderful and stylish. Add your own personal touch. Let creativity guide you!


The bride’s shoes

With your sumptuous dress, wear beautiful white shoes. They can be in satin, lace, inlaid with rhinestones, adorned with a bow tie... Choose ballerinas to beable to dance all night, same style but maximum comfort. Avoid choosing colored shoes: violet, green, turquoise, orange... This contrast does not stick to your theme; choose instead silver or gold court shoes, royal colors, and in a pinch for pastel shades.


The bride’s accessories

The veil is the key accessory of the wedding. However, the wearing of the veil is not obligatory, it can be replaced by a large crown in silver and crystals. If you want to wear both, bet on a small crown, shiny barrettes or headbands.

For your jewelry, gold and diamonds are the big stars! That's good, that's what you meant to put. Certainly, do not cover yourself with gold, some subtle and elegant pieces will be sufficiant. The goal is not to turn you into a faceted ball. You can also wear white gloves. This fashion accessory is very bourgeois, royal and magical!


The bride’s Beauty

The hair is often released or raised in a bun. The hairstyle must be well pulled and neat. You can insert a few rhinestones if you do not have accessories.

For makeup, you should use pastel colors for a sober effect and a classic look: pearly eyes, pink cheekbones and lipstick in light color. Avoid dark and vivid colors. A princess always put on a delicate and natural beauty.

For your nails, go for a neutral and elegant style. Beige or French manicure are welcome.


The bride’s bouquet

The bouquet of the royal bride contains many white flowers. Large or small, it must reflect grace and purity. You have an infinity of choices: fleur de lys, carnations, roses... You can even choose a bouquet of orchids in cascade.


The groom

A beautiful princess white dress for you and a long jacket for your charming prince! Yes, even the groom can choose an unusual classic set. A frock coat for a royal and historical wedding! Otherwise, the traditional 3-piece suit will do. The colors should remain sober: black, navy blue, white, gray... If you want to live your theme at 100% and to the slightest detail, the groom could add a cape to his outfit, such as princes charming in tales. Or a large belt with a sword that he will use to cut the cake. Have fun! For accessories, this is an opportunity to put the cufflinks in value. Several shapes, colors and models are available to meet all its expectations. Even the buttons of the entire costume could be customized according to the theme. The buttonhole could be made of white flowers reminiscent of the bouquet of his beautiful beloved. The groom must shave perfectly, or have a well-groomed beard. His hair must be well capped and held in place.