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The Seasons' Weddings Themes

The Wedding Theme Plays a Vital Role in the Success of Your Day!


As important as the reception venue, the wedding dress or the guest list... the choice of the wedding theme plays a vital role in the success of the D-Day.


The chosen theme will apparent through all the elements of the wedding: from announcements to the cake, from the bouquet to the venue… Everything is meticulously prepared in the smallest details. The choice of the theme is therefore an important decision that must be translated in a subtle way, neither exaggerated nor trivialized, in order to convey the vision of the couple. If you lack ideas, the fixed date of the wedding will guide you in the choice of your personalized theme.


Fall Wedding

If your bridal celebration takes place in the autumn, you could choose a theme that revolves around this season: dead leaves, earth colors, migratory birds... The final result will plunge all the guests into a romantic atmosphere, reminiscent of long walks in the woods, lulled by the soft rustle of the leaves... The bride can wear accessories in the form of leaves or feathers in her hair or as jewelry. Its bouquet and floral designs can be composed of flowers and feathers in shades of orange, yellow, copper, gold, ocher, brown... Dead leaves can also be integrated in decorations, centerpieces, branches… in an artistic form evoking the theme of autumn perfectly. Small birds, acorns, leaves… can be sprinkled on tables. The nature will be at the rendez-vous during your wedding to make this cold season much more warm.


Winter Wedding

If you are getting married in winter, the theme color is often white. This traditional color may look less sober if you combine it with all the elements evoking winter: snow, white landscapes, bare trees... Snowflakes are beautiful crystals with sublime shapes and refined delicacy. If you make them the stars of your decoration, they will make your reception venue a wonderful ice palace. In your bouquet, among the white flowers, insert some brilliant crystals and some cotton flowers. Ice sculptures of different shapes perfectly evoke the chosen theme. Pinecones can be placed in the center of the tables and mirrors can be used as sub-dishes.


Spring Wedding

A wedding in spring is synonymous with a wedding of flowers and colors. The colors are either pastel for a romantic ambience, or flashy for a festive atmosphere. Crowns of flowers on the bride's hair and maidens add a rustic and natural touch to the ceremony. The flowers can serve as centers of tables, towel rings… These are the essentials of all marriages. If your theme revolves around flowers only, you can choose one in particular according to your preferences: rose, daisies, sunflower, orchids…

Your announcement will have the flower of your choice, as well as your bouquet, the decorations and even the guests gifts: box of sweets to the taste of the rose, a fan printed of daisies, a sunflower planted in a small pot…


Summer Wedding

Summer is the busiest season for weddings. The climate allows to celebrate oudoor events. Summers make people more joyful and ready to party all night. During the warmer months, nothing better than to celebrate your union with the man you love by the sea! The beaches have always had a romantic side, a moment of escape... The ocean recalls the cruises, moments of relaxation, the infinite... Shells, bottles filled with sand, small boats, colored glass fish... all these objects can be arranged on tables with flowers. The color blue embedded in your decorations, in the writing of your announcements and even in your dress adds definitely a touch of originality.