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Queen of Flowers, The Orchid

It Will Give Your Decoration an Elegant and Refined Look.


If this phrase seems familiar to you and you repeat it often enough during your preparations, this article is for you. The orchid is a beautiful exotic flower that has conquered the heart of brides around the world and has become the star fetish of all florists. White, pink, yellow... By S.P.


The family of orchids includes more than 25,000 botanical species, it is one of the most important monocotyledonous flower families. Their size can vary from 1 to 5 millimeters and up to 3 meters, depending on their types. These species, from temperate to tropical regions, are becoming increasingly threatened by extinction, due to deforestation, construction, human activity and the regression of pollinators - birds, insects... -essential for their reproduction. The Vanilla orchid is the best known, it produces a pod which, after care and preparation, becomes a richly aromatic spice loved by all. These are the only orchids grown for reasons other than ornamental.


Make the white orchid the star of your day!

The goal is not to put a lot and everywhere but to make it appear subtly through all the elements of your marriage. Do not choose more than two colors because it is enough to highlight the queen of flowers. The white orchid blends perfectly with the anise green.


◗ On your announcements, place the drawing of a small orchid on the corner of the cardboard and use the green color for your text. Or, present your guests with traditional invitation cards in a sealed envelope with an artificial orchid.


◗ For your beauty, ask your hairdresser to insert in your beautiful hair a beautiful natural or artificial orchid. It is the fashion of flowers in the hair. Enjoy it without doing too much.


◗ Obviously, your bouquet will be made up of orchids. They can cascade or form a ball. Use an anis green ribbon around the bouquet to remind your theme. Do not forget the groom's buttonhole! It must also showcase this beautiful white flower.


◗ For the decorations of the bride and groom's tables, place some orchids in vases and some in their beautifully decorated pot (the orchid plant grows majestically, highlight it). Tie some green ribbons around the champagne cups with small orchids hanging from them. Choose sweets, macaroons, sweets, chocolate wraps and icing anise and white green biscuits.


◗ For the religious ceremony (in case), arrange glass cylinders containing long stems of orchids immersed in the water. Stretch the path of the church, for example, with petals of white rose (this is all that will be seen of Madame Rose in this marriage!); It would be a shame to throw orchids on the ground considering the high price of these species.


◗ Place white-painted tree branches decorated with orchids for your centerpieces at the reception area. Make sure that the decoration is not too impressive, the guests have to get to see the people opposite.


◗ An anise green colored piece? No! But decorated with anise green glaze? Yes!


Get out of the traditional and add your personal touch 

Numerous models are offered to you. Be creative. And of course, in place of the figurine, you can make enthroned beautiful orchids at the top of your cake.


◗ Disperse on the wedding dinner tables badges that will have the shape of this exotic flower to pin on the clothes. The guests, both men and women, will be delighted to put them on during the ceremony. They will all have a commonality with the bride and groom and will be part of the theme. This small custom gesture will give a very nice effect on the photos. The badge will remain a very good memory of this great day.

Inspire these ideas to design a wedding under the theme of “White orchid”.


Orchid Wedding: 55 Years of Marriage

Meaning: it expresses a pure and idealized love of the loved one.